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Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: building a framework with standardisation

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AGE Platform Europe and NEN (the Dutch Standardisation Body) participated on behalf of PROGRESSIVE at a recent meeting on ‘trustworthy artificial intelligence’ organised by CEN/CENELEC.

The objective of the event was to meet stakeholders in artificial intelligence (AI) and request their opinion on standardisation expectations regarding AI and making AI more trustworthy. While on the one hand ethical risks and challenges of the use of AI were presented, the application of AI could also be used to make products or services more reliable or efficient. ISO/JTC1 also presented its current work of SC 42 on Artificial Intelligence, including the setting up of a focus group on trustworthiness of AI.

The event addressed the importance of stakeholder engagement, and being inclusive in general with the objective to create social acceptability of the use of AI. Chiara Giovannini from ANEC and Isabella Buscke from the Federation of German Consumer Organisations addressed the importance of consumer interest.

Focussing more specifically on older people, Ilenia Gheno from AGE stressed the importance of including older people when the products and services affect their lives. This is something that PROGRESSIVE is also initiating through its Task Force of Older People Representatives and the newly established STAIR platform, which provide opportunities for older persons themselves to have a say and voice their own needs and concerns about standardisation issues. Digital education and literacy were also mentioned as very important aspects to support more and better inclusion of older persons and consumers in general.

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