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Trusting home appliances

Now that he has just retired, Glenn is getting more and more interested in how the various intelligent home appliances he has installed over the past months respect his rights to privacy, safety and security.

As he reads on the Internet about the terms and conditions of each of the newly installed device, he realizes all of them are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, and that most of them are even standardised.

As he looks for information about the different standards referred on the devices, he is progressively reassured that his home, that is getting smarter and smarter, is still respectful of his privacy.


Remaining independent at home, you should not have to compromise your own safety, security or privacy.


There are standards to help make sure that smart homes respect you and your visitors. The Smart House Code of Practice CLC/CWA 50487 and other relevant standards around smart homes for ageing well are available to make sure digitally-enabled goods and services are not intrusive of people's lives nor breaching their right to privacy.


Good practice examples

My Home Fits

My Home Fits (Mijn Huis Op Maat) is a platform that provides advise about getting older and living independently in one’s own home.

Networked Living in the Neighbourhood

The initiative VWIQ set up a pilot flat where altogether 62 people stayed as inhabitants for periods of one day to two weeks.

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