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Thematic network on ‘Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments’ kicks off

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On April 10th, 2018 , the leaders of the three Thematic Networks 2018 presented their first draft Joint Statements during the kick off meeting with DG SANTE in Brussels. One of the networks is on “Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments” (SHAFE), led by Caritas Coimbra with AFEdemy support.

The main question addressed by the SHAFE network is: “If people should age in their own homes, how to align technological developments with the building industry for smart environments in terms of POLICY and FUNDING, enhancing a more efficient health care system that may add better quality for less investment?”
SHAFE intends to create a high-level policy alignment of different networks and initiatives towards HEALTH IN AGEING by producing a Joint Statement that summarizes a common position on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments – focused on eHealth and mHealth – with priorities for policy making and recommendations beyond 2020.
SHAFE will:

  • Provide a forum to exchange policy priorities and technical expertise on AFE and eHealth/mHealth;
  • Inform the Commission/Member States on knowledge/expertise available in stakeholder community about challenges, solutions and best practices and perspectives;
  • Bring better local practices already implemented by LRA that have been identified in the EIP-AHA for twinning or scaling-up and collect lessons learned towards policy drawing;
  • Promote common principles as person-centred interventions, protection of personal data, standardisation, interoperability, data-enabled research, personalised medicine, quadruple helix.

A more detailed presentation of the SHAFE Thematic Network is available here. Contact the network leaders (see contact details in the presentation) for more information or to get involved!

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