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The new platform economy and opportunities for older workers

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In a recent post on her LinkedIn page, Kylie Crofts shares some interesting ideas from her own experience, or more specifically her father’s, with the opportunities that the new platform economy (or sharing economy) provides for older persons.

“My dad drives for Uber. He’s 69. The work suits him perfectly. He’s been around cars all his adult life. He has a clean car in good condition. He has a great driving record. He gets to chat to people. He earns money. He chooses when he works. He can play golf on Wednesdays. Priorities.

He is also totally proud of his approval rating – 4.97 out of 5 off nearly 300 fares so far. Uber has given him something most companies can’t (or won’t). If he was relying on you to hire him, stats demonstrate his chances would be pretty much zero. Traditional employment pathways are often closed to older workers, usually linked to the bias of hiring managers on what older workers can and can’t do.

His Uber experience throws two assumptions we make about older workers out the window:
1. Older people can learn new things. He’s all over the app. He did get some help from his first couple of customers but he rocks it now.
2. Customers are better than you at getting over bias. They want great service and dad gives it – as evidenced by his rating that he proudly shares at every opportunity.

Have I mentioned it’s 4.97? It’s not just millennials who want flexibility and work that matters. Take off the blinkers. There’s a whole workforce you’re missing.”



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