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The Internet of Things: a brave new world for consumers?

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The Internet of Things is emerging with smart watches, dolls, and other connected household items. Yet scandals have also been emerging with bans on watches for children for example, cleaning robots that can share maps of your house, etc. In the context of the COPOLCO (ISO’s committee on consumer policy) proposal for “privacy by design” and new European legislation enforcing privacy, it is worth considering that the success of technology will depend on consumer trust.
ANEC (the European consumer voice in standardisation), BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation), Consumers International (CI) and International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) have identified the challenges and opportunities consumers may face in specific areas of the Internet of Things, and have established recommendations based on a set of principles, which it is essential to use if we are to build a thriving and trusted digital environment for consumers.
See the joint recommendations to make consumer rights, privacy and security core features of the Internet of Things.

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