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The increasing role of digital technology in the housing, health, and care sectors

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As more aspects of everyday life become digital, older people’s expectations and attitudes toward technology are changing fast. In the UK, the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) recently published several resources looking at the increasing role of digital technology in the housing, health, and care sectors. The Housing LIN is a network bringing together housing, health and social care professionals in England and Wales to exemplify innovative housing solutions for an ageing population.

A Digital Revolution in Extra Care Housing

In their ‘Spotlight on Extra Care‘ series, the Housing LIN looks at the many different applications of technology in an Extra Care setting, including security, improving health and social care, and enabling a richer later life experience. The video features housing providers embracing digital in their new developments on the importance of preparing for the expectations of future generations, alongside anecdotes from current residents at the frontline of this digital revolution.

Technology and Digital Connected Care Services: Towards the tipping point?

And a recent Housing LIN practice briefing addresses the role of technology and digital enabled care and support services in meeting the current and future housing, health and care needs of older people, a pressing issue which affects nearly every aspect of daily life.

Major developments in digital technologies – such as social media, digital communications, big data analytics, and smart homes technology – do not, to date, seem to have impacted significantly on the world of health, housing and care, and on people’s everyday experience of using these services at home. There are many promising projects, pilots, and short-term funded initiatives, but very few true examples of transformation at scale. The briefing therefore asks:

  • What are the barriers for widespread adoption of digital technology in housing, health and care services?
  • How close are we to reaching the tipping point for digital in these sectors?

Innovative Housing Models for an Ageing Population

In addition, another recent briefing paper of the Housing LIN, on “Innovative Housing Models for an Ageing Population”, also focuses on the huge potential of digital and technological innovations in responding to the demographic shifts.

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