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There are thousands of formal and informal standards about all kinds of subjects. Here, our focus is on technologies that support active and healthy ageing: you can search for standards and guidance across 8 key areas.

Click on the name of each area to visualize the standards available for it. You can also search our standards database using specific filters.


Key Areas

Assistive Technologies

Includes devices to help you, remind you, and increase your safety and comfort when doing various activities - such as switching things on and off, reading (a book or screen), or sensing an alarm.

Built Environment and Outdoor Spaces

Includes buildings (not your home) and the spaces around them where you might go for work, learning, shopping or leisure.

Communication and Information

Includes computers, mobile and installed telephones, and devices that help you to speak, hear or navigate.

Digital Health

Includes social (safety) alarms, telecare, telehealth, and devices that help you to access or receive health services.

Engagement, Inclusion and Citizenship

Includes technologies that enable you to participate in work, social, or civic activities whether from home or when you are out and about.

Health and Wellbeing

Includes technologies to assist you in your general health and fitness, or with specific treatments that you receive.

Housing and Care Facilities

Includes your home and technologies installed there to help you with day-to-day activities. Also applies to housing and care homes designed with the specific needs of older people in mind.

Travel, Transport, and Mobility

Includes technologies and devices to support you in practical ways when you use cars, taxis, buses, trains, etc. - such as in relation to directions, timetables, accessibility, or ticketing.

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