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Cross-Enterprise User Assertion (IHE XUA)

Identifier: IHE XUA Type: IHE Profile

Dementia Care for People Living in the Community

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Quality standards indicator

Design for All Protocol

Identifier: Not applicable Type: Guidelines

Design management systems. Managing inclusive design. Guide

Identifier: BS 7000-6 Type: National standard

Digital Communities Framework

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Framework

Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport

Identifier: F2011C00213 Type: National legislation

eHealth Code of Ethics

Identifier: Not applicable Type: Code of Ethics

eHEALTH; Architecture; Analysis of user service models, technologies and applications supporting eHealth

Identifier: ETSI TR 102 764 V1.1.1 (2009-02) Type: Technical Report

Electric powered wheelchairs: obstacle-climbing ability

Identifier: ISO 7176-10:2008 Type: International Standard

Electronic health record communication — Part 3: Reference archetypes and term lists

Identifier: ISO 13606-3:2019 Type: International standard

Electronic health record communication — Part 4: Security

Identifier: ISO 13606-4:2019 Type: International standard

Electronic health record communication — Part 5: Interface specification

Identifier: ISO 13606-5:2019 Type: International standard

Electronic health record communication — Part 1: Reference model

Identifier: ISO 13606-1:2019 Type: International standard

Emergency Communications (EMTEL)

Identifier: ETSI TS 103 478 Type: Technical Specifications

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