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AS 5017-2002 Health Care Client Identification

Identifier: 0-7337-4543-1 Type: Standards/Code of Practice

ATHAC Telehealth Standards Framework

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Standards Framework

Audit Trail and Node Authentication (IHE ATNA)

Identifier: IHE ATNA Type: IHE Profile

Auditory guiding signals in public facilities

Identifier: ISO 19029:2016 Type: International Standard

Auditory signals for consumer products

Identifier: JIS S 0013:2011 Type: Standard

Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0

Identifier: ATAG20 Type: Guidelines

Basic Patient Privacy Consents (IHE BPPC)

Identifier: IHE BPPC Type: IHE Profile

Best practice guidelines for transportation

Identifier: ISO 37154:2017 Type: International standard

Braille on packaging for medicinal products

Identifier: ISO 17351:2013 Type: International standard

Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Certification

City Resilience Development – Information Portal

Identifier: CWA 17302: 2018 Type: European standard

City Resilience Development – Maturity Model

Identifier: CWA 17301: 2018 Type: European standard

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