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Recommendations On Electronic Medical Records Standards In India

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Recommendations on Electronic Medical Records Standards

Review of the Accessibility Transportation Standards

Identifier: Not applicable Type: National recommendations

SA HB 137-2013 E health Interoperability Framework

Identifier: 978-1-74342-501-5 Type: Standards-based approaches for specifying and achieving Interoperable e-health systems

Services offered by Hearing Aid Professionals

Identifier: EN 15927 :2010 Type: European Standard

Sharing Value Sets (IHE SVS)

Identifier: IHE SVS Type: IHE Profile

Sleep Tracking Technology

Identifier: CTA/NSF-2052.2 Type: Not specified

Smart cities overview. Guide

Identifier: PD 8100 Type: Guide

Smart City Guidance Package for integrated planning and management

Identifier: version 3.29, 10/06/2017 Type: Not specified

Smart City Guide

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Not specified

SmartHouse code of practice

Identifier: CLC/CWA 50487 Type: Prestandard

South Africa National Health Normative Standards Framework

Identifier: CSIR GWDMS Number: 240075 Type: Standards Framework

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