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Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (IHE PIX)

Identifier: IHE PIX Type: IHE Profile

Patient Information Reconciliation (IHE PIR)

Identifier: IHE PIR Type: IHE Profile

Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS)

Identifier: Version 2004-1 Type: Policy Guidelines

Pharmacy Dispense Document Profile (IHE DIS)

Identifier: IHE DIS Type: IHE Profile

Pharmacy Prescription (IHE PRE)

Identifier: IHE PRE Type: IHE Profile

Power and control systems for electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters

Identifier: ISO 7176-14:2008 Type: International Standard

Powered stairlifts

Identifier: ISO 9386-2:2000 Type: International standard

Practice Standards and Guides for Telepsychiatry

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Standards and Guidelines

Process reference model for health care facilities

Identifier: ONORM 1960: 2014 Type: Standard

Protecting customers from financial harm as a result of fraud or financial abuse. Code of practice

Identifier: PAS 17271:2017 Type: Publicly Accessible Standard (PAS)

Provider-Patient Interactions in Telehealth Services

Identifier: Not applicable Type: Guideline

Providing rehabilitation services. Code of practice

Identifier: PAS 150:2010 Type: Standard

Public Information Guidance Systems

Identifier: ISO 28564-1:2010 Type: International standard

Quality Framework for Telephone Counselling and Internet-based Support Services

Identifier: ISBN: 1-74186-851-3 Type: Australian Quality Framework

Quality of Teleassistance Services

Identifier: NF X50-520 Type: Standard

Quality Standards for Care of Older People Living with Frailty

Identifier: WMQRS OPLwF QSs V2.1 20171011 Type: Quality Standard

Radiology Scheduled Workflow (IHE SWF)

Identifier: IHE SWF Type: IHE Profile

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