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A Framework for Smart Cities–Pakistan

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Framework

A Health and Care Digital Capabilities Framework

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Capabilities Framework

Accessibility and usability of the built environment

Identifier: ISO 21542:2011 Type: International Standard

Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles

Identifier: 81 FR 90600 Type: Guidelines

Accessibility in the Urbanism

Identifier: UNE 41510:2001 Type: Standard

Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services

Identifier: EN 301549:2018 Type: Standard

Accessible Bus Stop Design Guidance

Identifier: Not applicable Type: Guidance

Accessible Design for Self-Service Interactive Devices

Identifier: CAN/CSA B651.2 Type: Standard

Accessible Rich Internet Applications

Identifier: WAI-ARIA 1.1 Type: Guidelines

Accessible tourism for all — Requirements and recommendations

Identifier: ISO/CD 21902 Type: Standard

Acoustic and tactile signals for pedestrian traffic lights

Identifier: ISO 23600:2007 Type: International standard

ADA Standards for Transportation Facilities

Identifier: Not applicable Type: National Regulation

Amsterdam: A Master Plan for a Smart City

Identifier: Not Applicable Type: Introduction to Master Plan/Web Page

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