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The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB)

Name: Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB)

Identifier: Not Applicable

Issuing Organisation: SSAIB

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

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Availability: Available to Purchase

Type: Code of Practice

Issue Year:

Forward Review Date: Not known

Fields: Assistive Technologies  Built Environment and Outdoor Spaces  Digital Health  Housing and Care Facilities 

Intended Audiences: Older People, Carers, Third (Voluntary) Sector Bodies, Private Sector Bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies, and Governmental and Public Sector Bodies


The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), is the leading Certification Body for organisations in United Kingdom (UK) providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems, tele-care systems and services, manned security services and monitoring services.

Founded in 1994, SSAIB is a company limited by guarantee, operating on a no-for-profit basis. It promotes high standard of service and is focused on servicing the certification needs of organisations providing security and safety related services. Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence.

SSAIB is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved certification body—in respect of the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme that operates within the UK. SSAIB also offer certification for firms based in the Republic of Ireland.

Through participation at National and European level, SSAIB helps to shape standards by being informed and informing others of issues that might impact upon service providers and end users. SSAIBS remit as a certification body is to protect the interests of the consumer. This is achieved by required registered organisations to meet criteria appropriate to the services they provide.


Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: Low

Older Person Specific: No

Usage / Adoption status: Not known


SSAIB has also unveiled a constructive new initiative to help properly protect a range of potentially vulnerable sites. The SSAIB’s new Code of Practice for temporary alarm systems will assist in safeguarding construction areas, vacant premises and other buildings at risk from vandalism, arson, squatters, criminal damage and other harmful attacks.

This new Code of Practice will be available for free download in a PDF format from and anyone interested in receiving a copy should send an email to

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