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Supply Chain Trademark for Personal Alarm Services

Name: Supply Chain Trademark for Personal Alarm Services

Identifier: Not applicable

Issuing Organisation: QAEH: Stichting Quality Assurance eHealth

Country: The Netherlands

Language: English

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Type: Standard

Issue Year: 2012

Forward Review Date: Not known. Adapted in 2016 to include use of mobile personal alarms.

Fields: Assistive Technologies  Health and Wellbeing 

Intended Audiences: Older People, Carers, Third (Voluntary) Sector Bodies, Private Sector Bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies, and Governmental and Public Sector Bodies


The QAEH-WDTM quality mark derives from original work by WDTM (Housing, Services and Technology for People). It is concerned with processes around personal alarms. It relates to a ‘supply chain’ comprising suppliers (software and equipment), installers, care centres, alarm responders and service providers. A code of practice applies by which organisations can become certified. The quality mark is concerned with service alignment for e.g. the ‘client interface’ (including contracts, management of data, etc.); installations and testing of devices; managing ‘incidents’; and service continuity. Auditors (by which certification can be conferred) are WDTM members who benefit from external training.

Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High

Older Person Specific: Yes

Usage / Adoption status: Some twenty organisations in The Netherlands are certified to the quality mark. This includes suppliers and service providers.


Because of its focus on ‘process’ and its quest to engage all service provider parties, the QAEH-WDTM quality mark is distinctive. The take-up in The Netherlands bears testinomy to its significance in relation to telecare and social alarms in that country.

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