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Providing rehabilitation services. Code of practice

Name: Providing rehabilitation services. Code of practice

Identifier: PAS 150:2010

Issuing Organisation: BSI

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

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Type: Standard

Issue Year: 2010

Forward Review Date: Not known

Fields: Engagement, Inclusion and Citizenship  Health and Wellbeing 

Intended Audiences: Governmental and Public Sector Bodies, Private Sector Bodies, and Professional and Trade Bodies


PAS 150 (Publicly Available Specification) is a code of practice for the delivery of rehabilitation services for all disabilities and health conditions, with both short- and long-term needs. It covers providers in health, social care and employment and focuses on the interdependence between work, health and well-being.
It aims to improve the quality, efficiency, value and outcomes of rehabilitation services through setting out recommendations for providers working in all sectors, including statutory and non-statutory services.

Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: Medium

Older Person Specific: No

Usage / Adoption status: Not known


The recommendations are also intended for individuals working in residential facilities, specialist centres and other local community-based services. It encourages service user independence and autonomy affording them the opportunity to live as they wish.
PAS 150 supports the service user’s journey through early and specialist rehabilitation, community rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.
The service user’s rights and responsibilities, especially related to choice and control, are at the core of PAS 150’s service delivery. Their personal goals inform decision-making throughout. It recognises service users’ experience and expertise and seeks to strengthen their contribution.

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