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OK SENIOR Quality Mark

Name: OK SENIOR Quality Mark

Identifier: not applicable

Issuing Organisation: Healthy Ageing Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Country: Poland

Language: English

Organization website (opens in new window):

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Availability: Free to Access

Type: Quality Mark

Issue Year: Not known

Forward Review Date: Not known

Fields: Assistive Technologies  Built Environment and Outdoor Spaces  Communication and Information  Digital Health  Engagement, Inclusion and Citizenship  Health and Wellbeing  Housing and Care Facilities  Travel, Transport, and Mobility 

Intended Audiences: Older People, Carers, Third (Voluntary) Sector Bodies, and Private Sector Bodies


Currently, there are 9 million seniors in Poland. The elderly are a constantly growing group of loyal customers. Seniors constitute over 30% of clients. According to research, they need verified services in order to make safe purchases. The OK SENIOR Quality Mark is a choice code and ensures that a company having an OK SENIOR is reliable.

Only those companies that offer senior-friendly products or services and pass the audit process can boast of the OK SENIOR Quality Mark. The OK SENIOR Certificate confirms that the products or services are:

  • Safe: they protect against fraud
  • Needed: they correspond to actual needs
  • Understandable: they are easy to understand, thus they enable the conscious shopping
  • Approachable: they have a clear offer and a simple after-sales service
  • Senior as a consumer of goods and services,
  • The quality management system in the long- and short-term care,
  • Assistant of a Senior – trainings and certificates for caregivers

It is not enough for your product or service to be of high quality – it must also meet the highest safety standards relevant to older people.

The OK SENIOR Certification Mark does not apply solely to large companies. Smaller companies can also show in this way that the Senior-Customer is important for them and thus stand out from the competition.

The certification system of the “OK SENIOR” Quality Mark is the first European system of evaluation of goods and services for the elderly. It was created thanks to the cooperation of the Polish Institute of Silver Economy, TÜV Rheinland Poland, the Healthy Ageing companies and the Public Consulting Group. The strategic partner of the project The Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation “Teraz Polska”. (“Poland Now”).

Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High

Older Person Specific: Yes

Usage / Adoption status: List of certified companies is available at






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