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National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People

Name: National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People

Identifier: HIQA 2016

Issuing Organisation: HIQA

Country: Ierland

Language: English

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Type: Standard

Issue Year: 2016

Forward Review Date: Not known

Fields: Assistive Technologies  Built Environment and Outdoor Spaces  Engagement, Inclusion and Citizenship  Health and Wellbeing  Housing and Care Facilities 

Intended Audiences: Carers, Governmental and Public Sector Bodies, and Private Sector Bodies


The National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland are based on key principles which guide residential services on how best to provide a safe and effective service. Emphasis is given to the promotion of autonomy; person-centred approaches; safeguarding and protection; uphold and promoting human rights; promotion of health and wellbeing; integration of residents within the community (and development of social networks); and provision of responsive and consistent services. 35 standards are incorporated. Aside from addressing some of the practical aspects of care, there are themes that relate to leadership, governance and management; and the responsiveness of the workforce.

Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High

Older Person Specific: Yes

Usage / Adoption status: Not known


The standard covers an extensive range of issues impacting on the care and support of older people in residential care. Of note are references to the use of AT and ‘call systems’. Further than this there is the pointer to ‘telecommunication and IT devices’ being made available to residents ‘and they are facilitated to use them … to maintain contact with family, friends and others’.

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