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Integrated Code of Practice for Telecare and Telehealth

Name: Integrated Code of Practice for Telecare and Telehealth

Identifier: Not applicable

Issuing Organisation: TSA (formerly Telecare Services Asociation)

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

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Type: Code of Practice

Issue Year: 2012

Forward Review Date: 2017

Fields: Assistive Technologies  Digital Health  Health and Wellbeing  Housing and Care Facilities 

Intended Audiences: Third (Voluntary) Sector Bodies, Private Sector Bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies, and Governmental and Public Sector Bodies


The code of practice provides a model for telecare and social alarm service provision. It covers such matters as organisational and clinical governance – including staff skills, working with different agencies and business continuity; needs assessments and how to work with and handle the personal data of service users; and access to people’s homes (for response services in the event of urgent or necessitous circumstances). Multiple performance indicators apply against which services can be assessed. Where desired, accreditation to the code of practice can be sought. Assessments for accreditation are undertaken by TSA’s own staff.

Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High

Older Person Specific: Yes

Usage / Adoption status: Some 140 Telecare and Social Alarm Services in the UK are accredited to the Code of Practice.


The Integrated Code of Practice for Telecare and Telehealth is focused on telecare and social alarms. Some telehealth is also embraced where falls detection, automated medication dispensers, vital-signs monitoring and some other devices are included. A key characteristic of the code lies in it having provided a model for service provision that has been widely adopted both within the UK and beyond. This model comes from a perspective that may, as people access services in new ways, be considered as overly top-down. A new code is to be released by the TSA in 2017.

(Only available to member organisations.)

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