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Sharing health data

Anne was going through her medical record with her doctor, when she asked her how her health data were recorded. They went together through the way telemedicine devices operate and how her doctor was able to remotely monitor her condition.

Anne, who is also travelling a lot to go hiking with friends in various parts of Europe she has not yet discovered, was wondering whether those records would be accessible by a doctor in a foreign country in case she would need to go for a consultation while being abroad.


You should be able to get specialised medical opinions from doctors in other countries if needed.


There are standards defining how your health data should be recorded so that, if necessary, it can be shared with doctors in other countries. One such standard is Electronic Health Record Communication ISO 1-13606:2019, Part 1 of a series on this topic. You can find this series and other relevant standards in the PROGRESSIVE standards database.


Good practice example

Self-management of chronic conditions at home

The Florence service supports chronically ill patients by providing ICT-enabled health monitoring at home. The service sends individual health advice via all mobile platforms.


More standards about digital health

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