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Setting future directions for standards that underpin products and services for ageing well

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PROGRESSIVE is working to create a context in which standards for products or services that support Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) take account of the real needs, preferences and challenges of older people. This involves setting out new, often co-productive, approaches that facilitate the positive engagement of older people in the standardisation process, and promoting standards where such approaches exist.

Active and Healthy Ageing and the Silver Economy are the subject of intense research and innovation in the European Union. It is a broad horizontal field of application that brings together a large number of everyday products and services. Therefore, it is affected by many standards, covering a wide range of topics, such as healthcare, social care, communication, social participation, the built environment, outdoor spaces and communities.

The European Standardisation Organisations, CEN and CENELEC, have established the notion of STAndardisation, Innovation and Research platforms (STAIR). These platforms are composed of communities of people working in the standards field, such as researchers, innovators, manufacturers, developers, service providers and end-users. All these key stakeholders identify and discuss new standardisation needs and opportunities.


A first coordination meeting in October 2018

CEN/CENELEC recently approved the creation of the STAIR-AHA as part of the PROGRESSIVE project, to support and enhance co-productive approaches to standardisation efforts in the field of Active and Healthy Ageing. A first meeting of the STAIR-AHA is scheduled for October 31, 2018 in Berlin at DIN, the German national standards body, who are also a partner in the PROGRESSIVE project.

This meeting will be a place to:

  • conduct a fruitful dialogue and coordination among relevant stakeholders concerned with AHA-related standards, with a special focus on Information and Communication Technologies for AHA;
  • promote discussion on the appropriate ethical framework for standardisation that is fit for AHA, on the need of user co-production processes in standardisation, and on the identification of gaps and new needs and subsequently the development of new standards or adaptation of existing standards;
  • set up a cooperative frame with older persons, so that the standardisation community can better contribute to shape AHA products and services which meet older people’s expectations, preferences and needs.

Join us at this first STAIR-AHA meeting and make your mark in the field of standards for AHA, or find out more about the importance and development of standards. Contact for more information and registration.

After this initial meeting, the STAIR-AHA secretariat (maintained by UNE, the Spanish national standards body, also a partner in PROGRESSIVE) will continue in direct consultation and communication with stakeholders to work on the involvement of end users/older persons in the traditional standardisation structures and activities, and on identifying needs/opportunities for standardisation in the field of ICT for AHA.

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