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Making ICT standards fit for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe

The PROGRESSIVE project is organising a brainstorming workshop to debate how standards, mainly those related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an enabler of Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), can better meet the needs of Europe’s ageing population.

Details of the workshop could be found here.

Changing Mindsets: New Approaches to AAL

This session looks at changing mindsets by presenting examples of AAL initiatives, facilitating a debate that will point to the new mindsets needed, and focus on the new types of language required to reflect this. The new language will underpin strategic thinking, policy initiatives, professional perspectives and practice, and impact on the kinds of standards that support the ‘shape’ and marketing of products and services.

  • Agenda: download
  • Date: 4th October 2017
  • Place: Coimbra, Portugal

Details of the workshop could be found here.

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