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Promoting quality standards in telehealth services: the PROGRESSIVE ethical framework and co-productive approach applies!

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In a presentation at the 24th ISfTeH International Conference and Portugal eHealth Summit, Malcolm Fisk, PROGRESSIVE Project Coordinator, presented on the topic of quality standards for telehealth services.

The nature and context of telehealth services is changing. What are the implications for quality standards? Quality standards should be underpinned by an ethical framework. This applies to telehealth as well as other ICT-based products and services. “Through its ethical framework, the PROGRESSIVE project has given an important direction,” said Malcolm Fisk.

He pointed to the importance of cybersecurity for telehealth services if people’s trust is to be maintained. People also need to be engaged and involved in co-productive approaches to standards development so that we can focus on “people” not “patients” and move towards better (less prescriptive and more flexible) quality standards in telehealth services. Also interoperability and other important underpinning ethical tenets from the PROGRESSIVE project were presented.

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here. A video of the presentation is available here.

It was actually encouraging to see and hear at the ISfTeH Conference that many of the presentations and discussions had a focus on or reference to user centeredness and user involvement, in order to make or provide more usable/accessible solutions and technologies, and ultimately support user empowerment and provide users/citizens with greater control over their own health, their own data, etc.

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