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PROGRESSIVE workshop fosters debate around standards for ICT and active and healthy ageing

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The PROGRESSIVE project held a well-attended stakeholder workshop in Brussels on 19 October 2017, bringing together policy makers in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), Older People’s Representatives, European and International Standardisation Organisations and Technical Bodies, providers of AHA-related ICT products and services, and representatives of current and recent Research & Innovation projects relevant to ICT for AHA standardisation.

PROGRESSIVE project workshop, 19 October 2017, Brussels
PROGRESSIVE workshop, 19 Oct. 2017

The important debate that took place is supportive of key European agendas concerned, on the one hand, with harnessing the benefits of ICT and, on the other hand, to maximise the inclusion of all citizens, regardless of age.
Thanks to the contributions of fourteen great and sometimes provocative speakers and over 80 participants, work undertaken by the PROGRESSIVE project was set out and comments and insights on key issues were provided.
The debate around standards for ICT and active and healthy ageing mainly focued on:
1. future directions that could improve the overall coordination of standardisation initiatives and organisations to ensure the greater suitability of products and services used or accessed by older people;
2. specific ways in which standardisation processes could be more open to contributions from stakeholders, including engagement with older people’s organisations; and
3. the scope for further (new or amended) standards to meet the needs of Europe’s ageing population.
A comprehensive report of the workshop is available here.

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