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The PROGRESSIVE newsletters can be accessed via the following links.

Newsletter 14 (May 2019): The ongoing PROGRESSIVE message
Newsletter 13 (Feb 2019): Stakeholder group issues recommendations for end-user involvement in standardisation around active and healthy ageing
Newsletter 12 (Jan 2019): Ageing, standards and social responsibility
Newsletter 11 (Winter 2019): Involving older people in standards around ICT for active and healthy ageing
Newsletter 10 (Nov 2018): Standards for ageing well should mainstream an outcomes-based approach
Newsletter 9 (Sep 2018): Instilling age-friendliness in the standardisation community: are you ready?
Newsletter 8 (Summer 2018): Setting future directions for standards that underpin ageing well
Newsletter 7 (Jun 2018): AI is on the way… and standardisers are after it!
Newsletter 6 (May 2018): Standards are everyone’s business…even those of non-business stakeholders
Newsletter 5 (Apr 2018): Patients or people? A challenge for European standards
Newsletter 4 (Mar 2018): Engaging users in standardisation: practical tools for co-production
Newsletter 3 (Feb 2018): The impact of standards on the healthy ageing market
Newsletter 2 (Jan 2018): Ethical standards: A few key principles in the context of ICT for active and healthy ageing
Newsletter 1 (Dec 2017): Future standards: Standards and the ‘silver economy’

You can also receive the newsletters via email by subscribing.

If you are involved in standardisation activities around ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing, if you organise an event or if you have questions about standards that the AHA and standardisation communities can help you with, let us know and we will report on it in upcoming newsletters: Frederic Lievens

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