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NESTORE: how should digital technology for healthy ageing look like?

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The European population is ageing, and wishes to remain independent and autonomous as long as possible. However, ageing is often accompanied by an increased risk of diseases and decline in function (mental and physical changes). To meet these challenges, mobile health solutions can support older adults to stay healthy and active in order to prevent or delay functional decline.

NESTORE is an innovative personalised coaching system to support healthy ageing. It generates motivation to take care of a person’s health and suggests nutrition, physical activities and social interactions to preserve wellbeing. As a friendly coach, it proposes activities and services on the basis of a person’s needs, preferences and moods, taking into account their personality, environment and health status.

NESTORE partners do not envisage to develop a technology without considering the primary interests and preferences of those that should eventually use it. This is why they have developed a survey with the aim to better understand people’s needs and preferences on the use of digital technologies for ageing well. The survey is availble at Please share this survey within your networks (it is targeting citizens who are aged 60+).

NESTORE is also among one of the 45 nominees for the SilverEco and Ageing Well International Awards, which will be presented in Tokyo, Japan on June 11-15, 2019. More information about this awards is available here.

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