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Communication resources

The PROGRESSIVE project resources for communication include: a folder, or brochure, presenting the project's scope and main objectives; a set of topic cards explaining the key concepts addressed by the project; the statement of the STAIR-AHA platform; and a series of factsheets presenting project outcomes and reports.

All items available for download are provided in PDF format.

PROGRESSIVE Folder/Brochure


Download the PROGRESSIVE topic cards to share examples of standards in your events and meetings. You can learn more about the context and resources of each card by visiting our page "Citizens in standardisation".

Can you trust your 'smart' home appliances?
Can your health data be shared with doctors in other countries?
Can you access digital information when you take public transport?
Can you have a say on how your town will look like in the future?
Can you easily browse the website or app of a public service?
Can you contact emergency services when needed?
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