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Engaging older people in creating an age-friendly environment

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Accessible and available services and environments are major prerequisites for participation. Public authorities and service providers are responsible for and profit from making their services and public spaces more accessible to all – including older citizens and customers. Older people as experts of their own life know best how services and public spaces should be designed and organised to meet their needs. They want their voices be heard, their experiences be acknowledged and their skills be actively used and valued.

The Mobility Scouts project involved older men and women in decision making processes to enable and empower them to contribute to the creation of age-friendly environments and services as co-producers.

Mobility Scouts developed a Toolkit for Practitioners with the aim of summarising their experiences and to provide practical guidelines on how to involve older persons in the decision-making process. The Toolkit is a resource for organisations and institutions looking for inspiring ideas on how to make cities and communities a good place to grow up and grow old in.

The Toolkit can be accessed here.

Next to the Toolkit for Practitioners, Mobility Scouts also provides a Sensitisation Handbook for stakeholders at local level, that addresses institutions, organisations and companies responsible for or having an impact in the designing and shaping of public spaces and providing services to older citizens. And also an Online Training Course, that provides background information, inspirational examples and practical tools to participate in the creation of age-friendly environments.

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