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Drivers and barriers for the Active and Assisted Living market

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A new report presents inspiring information on the main drivers and barriers that the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) market is facing, as well as the latest trends, developments and a selection of emerging products. The report serves as a guide for investors, start-ups, SMEs, mature companies and policy makers.

The AAL Association announces the release of the AAL Market and Investment Report. The work aims to provide a consolidated view of the existing market and investment information in Europe for the Active and Assisted Living domain. It covers data relevant to AAL and related technologies including current status, trends and future perspective for opportunities in the European Union and where possible link those to innovation in the delivery of services.

The scope of this report is largely limited to market developments that exclusively or predominantly focussed on ageing and the older people. The report also introduces the new and emerging business models that will shape the AAL market in the near future and provides an overview of the technologies that enabled the development of AAL solutions. While the primary goal of the report is to monitor the European market, relevant information on global markets is also included to provide context and indicate the potential for growth.

A guide to familiarize stakeholders with the market

The report is intended to:

  • Investors – interested in exploring the AAL market and opportunities for investment, identifying investors that already invest in the AAL market and in the underlying technologies, and looking for examples of interesting start-ups working in the field;
  • Start-ups and SMEs – interested in gaining information about the AAL market, its drivers and barriers and the focus on integrating different technological components, looking for tips on how to position their solutions in the AAL market, and looking for an overview of the other players in the market and their perspectives on the AAL market;
  • Mature companies – looking to integrate AAL solutions as part of their wider range of products and solutions, seeking information about global and European market trends and developments, and looking for other players active in the area of AAL and new ideas and examples of start-ups with potential for growth;
  • Policymakers – aiming to increase their understanding of the socio-political relevance of the AAL market as well as its economic potential, and for an overview of the key drivers and barriers in AAL.

The full report can be downloaded here.


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