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Contacting emergency services

Can you contact emergency services when needed?Francine’s son recently had to move 200 kilometers away from their home town where his mother lives. He used to pass by every two days for a coffee. Now that he can no longer come so regularly, he asked Francine whether she would like to purchase an alarm in case she has an emergency.

Francine thought it was a good idea to be able to stay at home, feel safe and have her son reassured that she would be looked after in case anything happens.


You should be able to contact emergency services when needed. 


There are standards that help make sure that there are clear procedures to deal with your call and that there are trained staff to respond. For example, the standard on Emergency Communications ETSI TS 103 478 aims to ensure that emergency services are interconnected at European level, rather than just regionally. This is related to the concept of interoperability.


Good practice example

French Red Cross – GPS bracelets

Quality of life of persons suffering from dementia and as well as of their carers can be improved by using geolocation services. GPS “bracelets” report actual position on demand.


More standards about health and wellbeing

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