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Built-in accessibility in authoring tools

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We4Authors (“Pilot on WEb accessibility FOR web AUTHORing toolS producers and communities”), a European Pilot Project led by Funka, consists of a set of focused initiatives with the most relevant and used licensed and open source CMS systems in public sector in Europe, that fosters and facilitates the incorporation of accessibility features as the default option in authoring tools.

The ultimate objective of We4Authors is to stimulate the market, creating new expectations and healthy competition for web authoring tools producers wanting to incorporate accessibility features by default to meet the growing demand set by the new EU regulations. Moreover, the pilot is planning to provide good practice and concrete guidelines for the whole community.

This October, three target audiences have had the opportunity to learn more about built-in accessibility in authoring tools and influence the market sharing experiences.

Funka, EDF (European Disability Forum), ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) and ANEC (the European consumer voice in standardisation) invited end users, public sector agencies, industry and standardisation bodies to join a series of interactive workshops in Brussels. The workshops were specifically designed to meet demands of three target audiences:

  • end users with disabilities
  • web professionals from public sector
  • CMS producers, suppliers and providers as well as standardisation experts

During the workshops, Funka presented project results and the draft guidelines based on prototypes developed and tested in the project. Participants in the workshops discussed needs, challenges and possible solutions.

More details about these workshops and We4Authors are available at

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