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Ageing workforce: a new ISO standard under development

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ETUC reports in one of their recent ETUC standardisation newsletters on their participation in the ISO/Technical Committee 314 on ‘Ageing Societies’. In order to defend workers’ rights and to ensure that employers start to develop ‘ageing friendly’ environments for their employees, the ETUC is involved – from the beginning – in a new ISO standard that is being created by ISO/TC 314.

Its Working Group 1 is drafting a standard on the ‘ageing workforce’ and the aim is to create provisions which will ensure that older employees have meaningful work, access to training, adapted workplace design, etc.

After the first meeting that took place in London, UK, the members of TC 314 gathered in Hangzhou, China (November 2018) with the support of the China National Institution of Standardisation. ISO delegations from around the world delivered presentations and adopted positions. The ETUC underlined the importance of taking into consideration the link between life expectancy and retirement age (statistics show that the retirement age is going up and governments are encouraging continuing participation in the labour market, regardless of workers’ health or life expectancy). The ISO members unanimously agreed on the importance of focusing on the link between abilities and productivity, a balance between professional career and personal life and responsibilities, a safe environment at the workplace and access to lifelong learning.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Berlin on June 24-26, 2019. ETUC welcomes any contributions with materials, statistics and other different resources on this topic. Contact the  ETUC standardisation team for more information or to provide your input.

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