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About us

Welcome to PROGRESSIVE, a European research project in the area of ICT for active and healthy ageing, with a particular focus on standards that help in the development of ‘age-friendly’ communities and facilities, and ‘smart homes’. Whether you are an older citizen with an interest, a provider of goods or services, or a member of the standardisation community, here you will find:

  • Standards - searchable by category, with descriptions and commentaries
  • Examples - examples of standards in action
  • Resources - from our research and project interactions

Your comments, contribution, suggestions and enquiries are always welcome.


PROGRESSIVE - full title: ‘Progressive Standards around ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for Active and Healthy Ageing’ – is a European research project implemented by a consortium of ten partners, led by De Montfort University (United Kingdom). It is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Commission.
Summary details of this CSA can be found on the Cordis Portal page (external).

The area of ICT and Active and Healthy Ageing is vast, so the project focuses on 8 ‘fields’ that range from community safety to care homes. Within these fields, specific attention is being given to the way that standards help in the development of ‘age-friendly’ communities and facilities, and ‘smart homes’.


The PROGRESSIVE project includes a multi-stakeholder consortium with 10 partners from 6 EU member states. Four standardisation bodies are included.

Coordinator - De Montfort University (United Kingdom)

Go to De Montfort University website

Go to AGE Platform's website

Go to CNR's website

Go to DIN's website

Go to EHTEL's website

Go to NEN's website

Go to the Open University's website

Go to the TQG's website

Go to UNE's website

Go to UNINFO's website

How we are organising the work

We are working collaboratively in teams on a number of ‘Work Packages’ (WP). Most of the work packages involve all the partners to a greater or lesser extent, with one partner taking the lead for the WP .
Our aim is to ensure achievement of the objectives of the project through:

  • Effective and efficient management, financial control and administrative work;
  • Coordinating a well-functioning and effective research consortium that draws expertise from different disciplines and stakeholder groups;
  • Ensuring scientific excellence, innovative thinking and efficient implementation;
  • Networking and collaboration with other related consortia, projects and networks in the EU and, to some extent, internationally;
  • Ensuring timely and effective reporting to EC.

As the work develops, we will post updates on the progress of the WPs.

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