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2018 Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation released

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The European Commission published the 2018 Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation at the end of March. The plan is updated every year to identify ICT standardisation activities in support of (new) EU policies.
The rolling plan provides a unique overview of standardisation activities in the field of information and communication technologies linked to EU legislation and policies, such as healthcare, cloud computing, intelligent transport systems, security, accessibility, Internet of Things, eGovernment, smart grids and many others.
It is crucial to clarify this link with European legislation and policies because ICT standards convey important technological requirements on privacy, security and accessibility.
Having the right ICT standards supports growth because it allows European businesses to expand their offer beyond national borders, enables industry to optimise its production system by interconnecting equipment and exploiting diverse data sources, supports consumers to make a choice between different digital offers, and helps public services to offer digital and cross-border services to citizens.
The Rolling Plan 2018 identifies 170 actions organised around four thematic areas: key enablers, societal challenges, innovation for the single market and sustainable growth. The Commission has identified five priority domains — 5G, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and internet of things (IoT) — where ICT standardisation is considered most urgent for the completion of the digital single market (DSM), as well as a number of application domains that will benefit from standard setting in those horizontal technologies, in particular eHealth, intelligent transport systems, smart energy and advanced manufacturing.
Accessibility of ICT products and services is seen as one of the key enablers. This includes telecommunications, TV and broadcasting, the web and new emerging technologies both mainstream and in assistive technology, including interoperability of the two. While active and healthy ageing (incl. eHealth) are seen as an important societal challenge to which standardisation can make great contributions (e.g. in the field of standardised electronic health records, quality criteria for health and wellness apps, and more).
The Rolling Plan was developed with the support of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation (MSP). The MSP represents ICT standardisation stakeholders and advises the Commission. This inclusive and participatory approach in developing the rolling plan ensures wide support from the European and international standardisation organisations, associations, EU countires, and key global industrial and technology companies.
Download the 2018 Rolling Plan here.

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