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What is the PROGRESSIVE project?

PROGRESSIVE was a research project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

Its main purpose was to make a profound voice in changing mindsets when it comes to the ethics support of ICT-related standards for active and healthy ageing, especially as older people comprise nearly a fifth of our population.

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Get acquainted with the standardisation world and make your voice heard so that standards are suitable for citizens of all ages! Find out more!


Do you work with a standards body and are concerned with standards development and want to know how to better consider user needs? Find out more!


Stay informed about upcoming standards in your field and get to find reference documents to adapt your solution to consumers as they age! Find out more!

Get involved

Because standards influence many aspects of our daily lives, it is critical that they are developed with representative panels of experts that will help ensuring the adequacy of the final standards. Civil society representatives, including consumers and citizens, can participate in standardisation. Their added-value is recognised by many stakeholders but it is not always easy to find its way in the standardisation world, especially for new comers.

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